Agrasen in Baoli, New Delhi, India

Maharaja Agrasen is the famous king and founder of Agrasen Family - India's one of the most prominent and influencial communities.
For centuries India has had Step well which helps in Rain water harvesting, specially to tackle the natural calamities like drought. Agrasen ki Baoli is centuries old monument which has seen rise and fall of many invaders kingdoms.

Now, it is surrounded by high rises and who would have thought that Delhi's most expensive estates and high rises will be hiding such an ancient monument.

When I visited the Agrasen ki Baoli, I was amazed as there is so much peace, the place is colder than the surrounding as it was constructed using large thick stones which absorb good amount of heat. Also, since it is fairly deep, the summers heat doesn't reach to the bottom.

Before several centuries, it used to get filled completely - providing necessary water to the civilians as well as the royal family.

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