Tata Harrier stranded as Fuel got finished - how much is reserve fuel tank in Harrier, what is the average of Harrier?

At times, we forget to get the car fuel timely and that's indeed a bad practice - as it causes inconvenience to the fellow drivers on-road and leads to congestion, the co-passengers also faces the inconvenience and it can also potentially cause an accident as well.

In my case, I was driving my Tata Harrier and it stopped right before the red light. I tried the ignition multiple times but it made a long screeching noise, quite possibly that was from the fuel pump and engine noise but I was confused and worried as it was leading to some traffic jam. The nearest petrol pump was around 200 meters away from the spot. My brother then rushed to the petrol pump to get some diesel for the car and I called the Tata customer care for on-road assistance too to save some time as I was wondering what was causing the noise issue. I also came outside the car to give directions to other cars so that they could change the lane. 

My brother brought a bottle of diesel and we hurriedly refueled the car and I tried turning on the ignition. In the first attempt, it didn't work, in the second too, it didn't. I waited for a minute and then it started worked. I let it run for a bit and turned the ignition off and back on to be doubly sure of the issue getting fixed. It worked well so we left and went straight to the petrol pump to get the tank fuel and to never face this crazy instance ever again. 

Learnings and lessons from the incident - 

1. It is a common sense but bear in mind, never drive your car when you are low on fuel. Always have your car's/ Tata Harrier's tank full as that keeps your car in healthy condition as well as you won't face any unpleasant issues like the above one. 

2. Tata Harrier has a Fuel Tank of 50 Litres including approximately 3.5 litres of reserve capacity. Reserve capacity is basically when the car starts showing that the car needs to get refueled. It's when you must head straight to the petrol pump to get your car refueled.

3. Always carry an empty water bottle or a can of 5 litres as finding a thing as simple as a water bottle when required be extremely tough, especially at the night when you are stuck in a random place. 

4. Not specifically related to this incident, but to escape yourself from getting cheated by petrol pumps, get your fuel tank full. It's hard for them to cheat then as you know the fuel tank capacity.