CoronaVirus- India's achievements in battling the CoronaVirus COVID-19 in Year 2020

Corporates and entrepreneurs are coming forward to contribute to society in the wake of Corona Virus. Following are some of such initiatives:


Kotak Mahindra Bank & Mr. Uday Kotak personally, commit immediate support of ₹50cr to PM CARES (₹25cr each).



1. Parle G - India

2. Tim Cook - USA

-ITC sets up Rs 150 crores #COVID19 Contingency Fund for vulnerable sections of society.

Bajaj Group commits Rs. 100 crore for the fight against COVID-19

Pawan Kalyan tweeted about donating 1 crore to PM relief fund.

Vedanta Chairman Anil Agarwal Pledges Rs 100 Crore For India’s Fight Against Coronavirus.

Actors which have come forward to contribute to the Covid causes are:

Some proactive steps by Government: 

29-March 2020

Indian Government helping other countries


Scenes from Janta Curfew:

Prime Minister called for #JantaCurfew on Sunday - 22nd March 2020 to ensure that Social Distancing is practiced nation-wide and at 5 PM to clap and cheer out of their balconies to appreciate the tireless efforts made by doctors and all officials  who are tackling Corona Virus spread across India. 

On Twitter, The Prime Minister of India have invited leaders of SARRC countries to chalk out a strong strategy to fight Coronavirus and suggested to use video conferencing as the medium to do so in order to identify ways to keep respective citizens healthy.

With that, Prime Minister of Bhutan and leaders of Afghans, Maldives, Sri Lanka and others replied on Twitter in affirmative tone. 


Coordinated Sanitisation drives are being conducted across India. With lesser people out on streets, it has made it easier for authorities to perform sanitisation activities more efficiently.

Sanitisation drives are going on across India by government authorities:

Gujarat/ Ahmedabad Pune Sanitisation drive in Lucknow Sanitisation drive in Hyderabad Aligarh Mangalore Airport Deep cleaning of Trains is being done Sanitisation taking place across India Sanitisation being done in Haryana Sanitisation drive in Noida Residential builders such as Super Tech are driving Sanitisation drive across their properties as mentioned in the tweet: Sanitisation drive in Belagavi Sanitisation drive in Parliament Hindustan petroleum also sanitised its customers:
I am enemy of the society; I would not stay home' - read the pamphlets handed over by Uttar Pradesh Police India has capacity to conduct 70,000tests per week as tweeted by Dr. Piyush Goyal. City civic body, police and health officials stamped about 10,000 people on home quarantine in Bengaluru in the last two days, amid rising Coronavirus positive cases.


Since panic because of Corona Virus is high amongst Children, it is important to share credible information with them. For this reason, the Government of India has released a comic, titled 'Kids, Vaayu and Corona' to help spread awareness about COVID-19 which has already claimed over 4,000 lives around the world. 

Link to the Comic:

Screening of international travelers at the Indian Airports is rigorous as compared to other countries in the West. 

Indian Railways are sanitising the local trains. Below is the tweet about cleaning process taken up by Mumbai Locals:

India has categorised masks and sanitizers under Essential Commodities Act. States can ask manufacturers to enhance their production capacity of these items to make the supply chain smooth.

Karthik Aaryan spoke about Social Distancing in his own style which was shared by the Prime Minister  himself.

Hyderabad Traffic Police is holding placards asking citizens to support JantaCurfew. Salute the efforts of our officials.

And if you are wondering how are doctors screening the international passengers, one tweet seemed to have shared a photograph of a physician. 

Indian citizens are following the call of Prime Minister of India and the streets are empty and are being cleaned by the officials. Salute to the citizens and the government.

Updates from Indore: 

Countries which caused most of the pandemics:

Government of India have evacuated thousands of Indians from different countries including the most recent case below:

1) 263 Indian Students from Italy on 22-March.


Only one person in #India has the ability to bring whole nation together (except some morons) on any specific day at any specific time. That's our Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Learn how #India is battling the major fight with COVID-19 here:

Indian Corporates and entrepreneurs are coming ahead to contribute to the society and collectively help battle with Corona. 

Some major updates: 

1. Godrej have decided to reduce the price of protekt sanitizer (50 ml bottle) from Rs 75 to Rs 25. Link:

2. Statement by Mr. Anand Mahindra - 


Delhi metros won't be operation until 31st March - 


India is a country of a billion and still managed to have one of the lowest rates of Corona positives. Here we are attempting to highlight how Indian government is battling it out outright. India needs more isolation beds than hospital beds right now which is easier to achieve. UP is ramping up the isolation beds to 10,000 beds. 

WHO: Exceptionally important that countries like India lead the way in showing the world what can be done to save lives. India led the world in eradicating two silent killers - Small Pox and Polio. India gifted that to the world. India has tremendous capacities.


Indian Police is trying interesting ways to educate the citizens about Corona and to maintain social distancing.