My Citi Indian Oil Credit Card having annual fees of INR 1000 gave me an Amazon voucher of 5K

To increase the return from your credit card, you must buy when they run any kind of offer. In my case, I applied for a new Citi Credit Card during an offer when after spending INR 30K in first 30 days would get you a INR 5000 voucher of your choice. I instantly applied for it and completed the milestone within few weeks.

After a while I forgot about it and one fine evening, an evening came through of a INR 5000 voucher. I searched about it wondering if it was a scam or not. I could figure out that CitiBank issues the voucher from same service provider and voila, when I used that for Amazon voucher, I instantly got the gift voucher code. 

Amazon's INR 5000 voucher was all mine just because I could apply during the offer time. A great ROI indeed.