What are the benefits of Credit Cards?

Credit cards are often known as a means to delay making payments, but there is much more to Credit Cards and here's why you may consider getting Credit Card for yourself - 

1. Earn points - Credit cards gives you points for spends you make through them. There are certain limitations to certain categories for which points aren't given but largely for retail spends, credit cards can be earned. 

2. Maintaining liquidity - Credit cards in a way gives you 40-50 days of interest free loan which helps you maintain some bank balance temporarily, until the credit card bill due date.

3. Free flights - There are many credit cards which are issued by a issuing bank and are co-branded with an airlines and through those you can get free flights as you complete a certain milestone. For example - SBI Vistara Credit Cards or Axis Vistara Credit Cards, etc. 

4. Free Golf sessions - There are many credit cards which offers free golf sessions. These are usually high end credit cards. 

5. Points multipler / bonus points - Credit cards time to time runs offers during which you can earn bonus points for certain types of transactions you do. These can be very rewarding and can help you max out on your savings.