Qutub Minar in Delhi - the tallest Minaret in India and is also the best place to visit in New Delhi

Qutub Minar is located inside the Qutub Complex which comes under the Qila Rai Pithora, which is 10th century fort of Delhi's last Hindu King Prithviraj Chauhan. After the invasion by Mahumad Ghori and defeat of the hindu king, the fort was captured, the temple was broken down and was converted into a mosque -- which formed the first mosque in Delhi called Quwwat-ul-Islam Mosque. 

About the Qutub Minar: The Qutb Minar is 72.5 metres (239 ft) high, has five distinct storeys, each marked by a projecting balcony carried on muqarnas corbel and tapers from a diameter 14.3 metres at the base to 2.7 metres at the top, which is 379 steps away.

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Qutub Minar is a historical monument maintained by Archeological Survey of India - A government body which takes care of all important historical sites in India. Qutub Minar is also an UNESCO world heritage site. The place is clean, is nicely maintained by ASI. Qutub Minar is one of the best places to visit with family and loved ones. The lawns are beautiful and maintained well. 

Qutub Minar stands firmly on the ground and seems to kiss the sky. In the evenings the lightings around the entire Qutub Complex looks spectacular. 

You will find plenty of guides around the complex. Check for the government ID card which is issued to them. Be wary of going to shops with them as they may start pitching you expensive carpets and other miniatures which generally are overpriced. 

Reaching Qutub Minar Tips: You can reach Qutub Minar through Uber/ your vehicle (Qutub Minar has large parking lot, through metro and the nearest metro station is Qutub Minar. If you take an auto, they can charge Rs. 20 - 40 per head which is pretty reasonable. Negotiable well with Auto wallahs. 

Qutub Minar Ticket Tips - Book tickets online as queues for purchasing tickets are quite long during the weekends and holidays. The place being popular among people of all age groups and nationalities. Don't lose your blue token which is issued to you. Losing one may lead to penalty.

It usually takes 2- 6 hours to see every nook and corner of the complex so it would be ideal to reach in the mornings. Entries get closed after 5 PM so try entering the premises before that. Second half of the day is also idle to visit the complex as evening time is when Qutub Minar becomes extremely photogenic with Airplanes hovering above it as International Airport happens to be nearby.