Haldighati Museum, a must visit place in #Udaipur which narrates the history of Udaipur through a movie and more.

Maharana Pratap Museum - Haldighati is located in Nathdwara, Udaipur and has become synonymous of Haldighati. If you wish to get a glimpse of history of Udaipur/ Mewar and sacrifices of Mewar (Udaipur/ Chittorgarh) kings and how they defended their kingdoms from the invaders then you can't leave this place for anything. Specially when you are traveling with children, they must know about their heritage and history.

Entry fees is around INR 200 and the map location https://g.page/maharanapratap-museum-haldighati?share


Haldighati Museum, Udaipur

The place also has lots of shops which sells Gulkand, Rose water, collectables. Also, centuries old way of extracting sugarcane juice can be witnessed there -- and you can drink it too. The entire place is a great package and easily you can spend 2 hours after visiting Kumbhalgarh Fort.