Jagmandir on island in the Lake Pichola, also known as Lake Garden Palace

Jag mandir is a restaurant located on an island in the Lake Pichola. It's part of the City Palace's group and is a must visit place for everyone who wants to enjoy fine dining. The costs are a little expensive as it is a 5 star property but the food was the delicious and the hospitality was great too. 

To reach Jagmandir, you will have to take a boat from City Palace and you can park your car there too (costs around INR 350). Municipal boats are not allowed to go to Jagmandir

Jagmandir also has a small museum which would take 15 minutes to explore. The ambience of the place is mindblowing and the corner restaurant is lake facing and it would make you feel like you are floating. 

It will take about one-two hours to explore the place which includes the restaurant (if you are having food), checking out the museum and the garden. In evening, Jagmandir is beautiful lit up with lightings and therefore will be a memorable experience for you. 

Jagmandir - a floating Restaurant on an island in the Lake Pichola