Lake Pichola Municipal Boat Ride Point - Most affordable boating in Udaipur that we discovered

Boating is an experience to remember. More so when you are boating in the Lake Pichola, a 400 years man-made lake in Udaipur by legendary kings of Mewar. 

Boating offered by Municipal of Udaipur is most affordable cost-wise and duration wise. Also it is located next to Ropeway to Karnimata making it the best place to go to in morning.

Duration of the boat ride lasts for 15-20 minutes and during the morning it is mesmerising experience. 

Ticket costs INR 150 (30 seater motor boat) and INR 300 (for 10 seater luxury boat)

Location : Click here

It is operational pretty early, at around 8.45 AM (as per google maps) so try going there as early as possible. 

City Palace of Udaipur while boating