Ghee - a critical ingredient in #Indian and #Hindu food.

Ghee also known as clarified butter has been in use for hundreds of years and is well known to be an important part of Hindu cuisines and food. Hindus have known the great benefits of Ghee for time immemorial and in this article, we will be covering various important features of Ghee. Ghee is made from prolonged heating of the cow's milk preferably belonging to the Indian breed which gives A2 type of proteins, which is of best kind for humans. 

Ghee is used on the chapattis, daal (pulses), rice, Indian sweets, making them extremely tasty and healthy for the consumption. In India, families also prepare ghee in their kitchen by heating the collecting milk cream for prolonged period. That's of the best possible kind as it doesn't include any processing which happens when ghee or any oil for that matter is produced for commercial purpose and for storing the ghee and oil for longer period of time. 

If you are a health conscious person, having a stock of Pure ghee in your kitchen is very important as there are numerous health benefits which are also well documented in Ayurveda and is therefore also called a superfood. In the most Hindu families, Ghee is preferred over the refined oils which are known for causing numerous health problems.