Gujarat's Junagarh's 2000 year old - UparKot Fort

Gujarat is a fascinating place, a state which is massive in size. So massive that it takes over 16 hours to travel to from one point to another.
During one of the weekends, I planned to go to Junagarh as I heard about its massive Stepwells which are centuries old and they indeed are.
Junagarh Fort is one of a kind and is spread across kilometers of land. It is surrounded by lush green valleys which have prominent temples as well.
It took me a few hours to traverse through Junagarh's UparKot and it made me fall in love with serenity. It is a silent yet massive place, great for explorers. One can find stone inscriptions which are of time of Ashoka the Great ( over 2000 years old ).

Watch the video for the walk through of the Junagarh fort.

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