#FakeNews Alert: Ganesh Chaturthi Video having Idols put on the Riverfront Bank

There is a video doing rounds on social media and Whatsapp showing the video where there are hundreds of idols shown thrown away at the Riverfront Bank. That's a strategic move to make the devotees question their tradition and get their self-belief/ esteem destroyed. 

So what is that video all about? 

Ahmedabad Municipal Cooperation requested citizens to not do any visarjan in sabarmati river. Ahmedabadis being disciplined obliged and instead upon the request of AMC, placed the idols at the riverfront banks which was duly cleaned up by AMC. 

About the video, it is a month old of the Goddess Dasha Ma Idols Visarjan - that's one of the most important festivals to Gujaratis. Above and below are the tweets of Commissioner of @AmdavadAMC.

Specially for Ganesh Visarjan, AMC have created 61 large ponds exclusively for visarjan. 

Therefore, it is a request to everyone to not fall prey to anti-hindus and people with malcious intent to hurt sentiments of hindus. Debate with them, share this post with your friends and the ones who are arguing with you. 

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi to you all!