Mumbai Literature Festival 2016 at NCPA, Mumbai

Mumbai is fascinating and it constantly attracts me. I was strolling around the Malabar Hills, the kind of place where I want to have my home soon. After a few hours of strolling and admiring the places around, I discovered a large Flex Board about the Mumbai Literature Fest.
Since I didn't have any plans for evening, the Board turned out to be a blessing in disguise. I started running towards ( and later got an Uber to save time ) the venue which was NCPA, about 60-100 years old building built by Tatas to promote Indic Arts among Indians.

Since I was late for the event, I could attend 2 sessions. Former was about a father who lost his limbs (stonned by the rapists of her daughter ). Her daughter narrated what happened and it showcased the bravery of her father and how he single handedly fought with 5-6 people but was over powered by them. Also she spoke about their struggles, how poverty challenged them and how they overcame by extreme hard work. Mr. Singh sang a song for her daughter. It truly was a painful yet inspiration session.

Another session was by a singer who sang some really old yet amazing song. Her associates had old musical instruments, showcasing the antiquity of the song and era of song when it was written.

It was fascinating. There are no parallels of NCPA in India, in Delhi. The constant urge to be in Mumbai got some more weight.

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