My first trip to Hyderabad

It was an official trip to Hyderabad where I had to attend DrupalCamp Hyderabad. It went pretty well and the crew went to the famous Char Minar. It looked stunning and the breezy weather made it a memorable experience. We strolled for a while, ate local snacks, clicked hundreds of photographs.
Everything was so beautiful. We went to ancient Shiv Temple nearby the Char Minar which is a must visit place. Temple is surrounded by Bangles Shops and for women, it is a heaven. With hundreds of different types of Bangles, it surely is a Churi ( bangles ) Bazaar.
There is a famous bakery which bakes delicious cake biscuits, pastries and we got a few cookies packets for our crew as well.

Everything followed by the long drive to the Hyderabad Airport which is a massive structure and is itself a place to visit.

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