Thoughts about photography

Travel and photography goes hand in hand and travel is exactly what got me into the world of photograpy and videography. Never in years I thought I would get so passionate about photography and now that I have stepped into the world of this beautiful art form, I am realising how cryptic and vast the subject really is. 

So first of all, hats off to all the self-taught photographers, video makers and editors -- this art is difficult to grasp and master and it surely takes years and thousands of hours of deliberate practice. 

Some of the topics I think which needs to be mastered in photography are:

  1. Focus 
  2. Camera basics
    1. Different types of Cameras
    2. Aperture - Basics, when to use low aperture or situations when large aperture has to be chosen
    3. Focal Length - how does different focal length affects the subject and background in a photograph
    4. Shutter Speed
    5. ISO
  3. Camera Lenses - understanding various kinds of lenses available, what are the various configurations, etc.

So what's focus really?  What is it so important about focus that it needs to be mastered? How to build/ develop an eye for detail and how to gauge the different levels of focus - from razor sharp to blurred/ out of focus subject? 

We will attempt to dive into all the topics which hopefully would make us an excellent amatueur photographer (for the starters!)