My first solo backpacking by Gaurang Aggarwal

I am Gaurang from India. I started my long distance solo travel journey back in 2015 when I went to Jodhpur from Ahmedabad through a train (in general class). Why a general class ticket? It was an absolutely random plan, I overheard about how beautiful Jodhpur was during our lunch break. It was Friday and I didn't have a clear plan for the weekend. So I told all of my work friends that I will be going there. It would have looked funny if I wouldn't have gone. So with all the excitement, I looked up for a ticket on IRCTC but I didn't find any ticket available. It was quite a shock, therefore, I noted the train's name and timings, and thought of traveling in general class (which allows you to travel without any reservation in India and is the cheapest way to travel across India . It broadened my horizon as I could see the humungous amount of people from all over India packed in a boggy. It was crazy all over without any seats available. Most of the seats were shared by 2-3 people so all I had to do was stand on my feet, sometimes on one as there were way too many people and way less space for everyone to be able to stand together. 

After standing night-long, as the sun appeared, so did the ray of hope of getting a seat. Someone finally left his seat and gave me his seat. I was delighted. That seat felt worth of million dollars. After few minutes of stretching and relaxing, one fellow came over requesting for some space. And here we were, sitting for next couple of hours in a shared seat. I learnt a lot about patience and adjusting during my 9 hours long train journey.