Best place to park car at the New delhi railway station or near Sadar Bazar, Nai Sadak

If you are traveling somewhere from New Delhi Railway station or want to go to congested markets like Sadar Bazar, you may wonder where to park your park. This was my question too.

Then one fine day, I stumbled upon the New Delhi Railway station Multi-level parking which turned out to be most affordable place for parking for multiple days as well as for couple of hours. 

Name of parking - Maac Multi Level Parking Konnectus Tower

Location -

I think the best way to reach there is through Barron Road if you have taken Minto road - (it's kind of a shortcut)

Hint of pricing - They charged me about INR 50 for 1-3 hours on day 1 and INR 200 per day (for beyond 24 hours, irrespective of number of hours in consecutive days). Do double check the details with the parking for accurate pricing. 


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