World’s most selling biscuit - Parle G in 4 variants - Parle-G Classic, Parle-G Gold, Parle-G Royale, Parle-G Cookies

Parle G is the world’s most selling biscuit which has been selling since 1939 first with the brand name Parle Gluco and after 1980 as Parle-G where G stands for Glucose. Originally the classic Parle-G variant was available which used to sell for INR 4 having weight 100 grams. Later on, while the price remained constant, the weight was slightly reduced. 

In past few years, a new variant of Parle-G was introduced called Parle-G Gold which had better quality. It was more fortified and had enhanced taste. As the biscuit market is getting more lucrative than ever, Parle has introduced two new variants in its premium category called  Parle-G Royale, Parle-G Cookies. 

Parle-G Royale variant costs INR 10 for 75 grams, almost double than the classic Parle-G variant but has the large biscuit size and great taste.

Parle-G Cookies variant looks similar to Good day biscuit and is circular in shape. It tasted fine but customers would be likely to purchase it considering Parle-G is a solid brand with large fan following. 

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