Flying tips from a frequent flyer - Vistara, Spicejet, Air India, Indigo

1. In practicality, choosing a flight in the early morning 4:55 PM is stupid as you would stay awake like a zombie.

2. Try reaching the airport 2-3 hours earlier for domestic flights as missing the flight is painful and more painful is the trouble it causes while exiting. As you need to be escorted by the flight crew member to the exit gate and there will be a bit of questioning and filling up your flight details, etc. That could take an hour to few hours depending on the rush and availability of the crew member. 


  • Sector change is not permitted in voucher booking.
  • Vistara seats 9-18 bad for view as wings on both sides. 6 is at the engine. Ahead of it is fine.
  • The Morning flight should be in ABC side when flying from Bombay to delhi as the sun is on the right side.
  • Sunshine at 8.55 AM flight. Vistara route has the beachside on the right when flying from Mum to Delhi.
  • Vistara used to be like home but they have now also started charging for the seat selection. Earlier Vistara was the only one letting people choose without paying a dime for most of the seat option.